HUB Updates


VISION – Council Tax and NNDR Recovery. Read more >
Validating COVID grant payments and bank account payment details. Read more >
Aspire Mobile Property inspection solution. Read more >


Potential SBRR Qualifiers

A new report has been created to help Local Authorities identify ratepayers who may be entitled to SBRR but are not currently receiving it. Find out more >

Dissolved Companies

13,000 dissolved companies are still in receipt of SBRR whom should not be. Find out more >



Matching sole trader details

Sole trader information can now be matched across Councils that are HUB users when we are separately provided with sole trader data by participating Authorities.  Find out more >

Using Financial Insight to increase collection rates and reduce arrears

We have recently launched a Data Services solution that provides Councils with ‘at a glance’ insights into the recoverability of debt. Read more >

New HUB Reporting

A new field has been added to the ‘Record Outcomes’ screen on HUB to capture total amount of SBRR that has been withdrawn. View details >



Previous company names now reported in HUB

There are over 35,000 business rates accounts across England where the liable party name is incorrect due to a company name change. Find out more >

Identifying SBRR matches from a previous company name

The external SBRR matching routine has recently been enhanced to report on companies that have changed their name. Read more >



A new SBRR match is now being reported in HUB

HUB is now reporting matches where a company has changed its name. At first glance matches may not appear to be accurate but check out our example for more details. View example >

ALARM Risk Awards 2019

Congratulations to our customers the Kent Intelligence Network for winning the ‘best initiative in combatting fraud’ category at this years ALARM Risk Awards. You can view more details here >

More about ALARM >

New Reporting tools now available in HUB

Users can now view a report that details the number of matches that have been actioned and the savings that have been identified. More Details >



HUB identifies almost £50k of wrongly claimed SBRR on 2 cases at Leicester City Council

Leicester City Council have recently uncovered £49,000 of incorrectly claimed SBRR following their use of HUB in respect of just two cases alone. More details >

Fighting Fraud and Corruption Locally Awards 2019

Preston and Lancaster Shared Service received a Highly Commended award in the area of ‘Prevent’ for there use of HUB at the Fighting Fraud and Corruption Locally Awards. Read More > 

NNDR Avoidance Updates

Richard Kerr of Greenhalgh Kerr Solicitors regularly holds regional forums to provide updates and discuss the latest issues in rates avoidance and insolvency matters. View the latest news from the forums in the Avoidance Register tab on HUB. More Details >

Recording Internal SBRR Matches
We have now introduced a ‘Recording’ tool to help manage these internal SBRR matches and to record your results. Find out more >



Business Rates Avoidance Register Success

The Register is proving to be a valuable resource for Councils and we encourage all users to contribute to the Register. More details >

Register NOW for HUB Updates Alerts & deal with SBRR matches immediately!

HUB SBRR matches are identified on a daily basis. If you haven’t already done so, sign up for these Update Alerts at  More details >

Dealing with Companies House Matches

The process for managing matches with Companies House that are reported on the Company Status screen has been simplified.  Find out more >

SBRR Overview Updates

You can now view the most recent matches more easily thanks to a new ‘Matched On’ field. Find out more >



Rates avoidance register

Check out the newly created Business Rates Avoidance Register – a list of companies that councils and their partners state are or may be engaged in rates avoidance.
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Register for HUB Update Alerts

HUB SBRR matches are identified on a daily basis. To help you deal with matches promptly HUB can now notify you immediately by email when a new match has been identified.
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Internal SBRR matching

You will already know that HUB matches NNDR records between councils, but HUB now also looks for SBRR matches within a council.
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Recording outcomes and reporting on SBRR matches

The record outcome screen in HUB is the best way of managing the SBRR matches that are identified. With reporting capabilities this feature can be used as an invaluable management information tool.  

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Find a ratepayer – recovery tool

Did you know you can use the ‘find a ratepayer’ search facility to check whether a ratepayer is trading elsewhere in the country?
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Identifying new SBRR matches

HUB is constantly being refreshed to identify new small business rate relief matches in your area. 
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Company Status

Did you know that HUB matches your ratepayer data every month with information from Companies House and reports the status of those companies in the Company Status screen?
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Find a Ratepayer

We’ve added new functionality to HUB so that you can now undertake a nationwide check to make sure that the ratepayer isn’t liable for business rates elsewhere in England.
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How to record results in HUB
HUB now includes the ability to record the results of cases that have been matched and produce reports detailing the outcomes.
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