HUB Update – new SBRR matches being reported

HUB is now reporting matches where a company has changed its name.  As a result, you may receive matches which, at first glance, may not appear to be accurate.  However, HUB is now reporting matches where one council is using a company’s previous name, but another council is using the current name.

In the example below HUB is reporting a match between Illuminated Advertising Ltd who are receiving SBRR at Council A, and Firebolt Group Ltd who are liable for business rates at Council B with a RV of £11,500.

Initially this match does not appear to be correct, however, a quick check of Companies House records shows that Illuminated Advertising Ltd changed their name to Firebolt Group Ltd on 3rd January 2017.

Therefore, the two different liable party names are actually in respect of the same company and Illuminated Advertising should not be in receipt of SBRR at Council A.

HUB will be updated shortly to highlight cases that have been referred following a match against a previous company name.

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