Missing Council Tax & Non Domestic Properties Locator

NEXUS is the first software solution of its kind that helps Local Authorities identify both council tax and commercial properties that are missing from either the rating list or council tax banding list.

It works by drawing from a variety of datasets including online property listings and directories and cross referencing this data against the current rating list and council tax banding list to identify discrepancies.

Automating the process of identifying properties that require a review, NEXUS provides Local Authority teams with;

  • The ability to identify domestic properties that may have been built 5, 10, 15 years ago or longer – and that are not paying council tax
  • The potential to collect additional New Homes Bonus revenue on previously unlisted properties
  • An increase in council tax yield from those properties discovered and added to banding list
  • The ability to identify commercial properties missing from the rating list and subsequent revenue maximisation when adding them on to the list
  • A more comprehensive insight and better transparency across all local commercial and domestic ratepayers

The Technology
NEXUS is accessed via a secure web portal and incorporates unique inbuilt mapping software helping your team identify the location of missing properties and assessments.

On accessing NEXUS, a series of matches will be displayed that represent where either a commercial or domestic property exists on one or more datasets but not on either the rating list or council tax banding list. This indicates a potential match on a missing property or assessment that a Local Authority will need to review.

Incorporating a variety of search filters, Local Authorities teams can filter properties by address, postcode and much more.


Identifying a property built over 20 years ago not paying Council Tax
It is difficult to keep on top of all new property developments, especially when local authorities were responsible for notifying the Valuation Office in the past when the data flow between planning and building control departments was not quite as sophisticated as it is today.

Using NEXUS, a client was recently able to identify a property in Kent which was granted planning permission in 1996 but had never been added to the Council Tax banding list. Online property resources identified that the property had last been sold in August 2016 for £850,000.

Identifying deletions, demolitions, and change of use
Similarly, there have been instances where properties are deleted following demolition and subsequent rebuilds have occurred where a property has either not been added on to the list again or has been incorrectly deleted. There are also cases where a property has previously operated as a commercial premise, been demolished and replaced with a domestic property, it is these kinds of properties which tend to slip through the net and which NEXUS can identify.

Managed Service
For those Local Authorities who simply do not have the time or resource to follow up and investigate matches, a managed service can be provided to work through the data, verify matches and get properties listed.

NEXUS is available through a single annual license charge, with no ongoing charges or additional costs for development or support.

Enabling Local Authorities to identify unlisted business rates properties and unbanded council tax properties all from within one system and with regular data refreshes, Councils have a real opportunity to maximise income and revenue on an ongoing basis using NEXUS.

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We’ve only been using NEXUS for a month or so but already we’ve uncovered a couple of small businesses and a very large domestic property…. We’re delighted that NEXUS has already paid for itself.


Watch a short video about NEXUS and the successes it has been acheiving