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The Revenues and Benefits Service at Basildon Council recently launched a new and exciting online procedures manual. The revenue and benefits procedure manual brings together a raft of information and automated processes.

Scott Logan, Head of Customer Services (pictured), led the project along with Shanna Chandiwana, Manager of Support Services in Revenues and Benefits.

To promote the procedure manual Scott held a launch event and informed staff how the online manual would make life easier as all the information they need is just a click away and how the product would be used as a key support mechanism for training and performance management.

Shanna Chandiwana explains what a difference the online manual has made to the service.

“The manual enables us to work far more efficiently because staff have all the information they need at their fingertips and can find it in an instant. The online manual brings together a raft of information and automated processes. It’s easy to access and easy to use, it has detailed menus, links to related information and a Google- type search facility.”

With the system up and running the teams are positive about the impact it has had on their day to day jobs.

Debbie Leighton, Revenues and Benefits Customer Services Officer said:

“There was so much information held on the shared drive but I wasn’t always sure where things were or if they were up to date. Now, if I need to check something I know it’s there and I can trust it.”

The online manual has empowered the staff in Revenues and Benefits to be part of an overhaul of processes to make them ‘lean’ and customer focussed.

For more information on Destin’s online procedure manuals please contact Duncan Baxter

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