HUB Updates – How to record results in HUB

How to record results in HUB

HUB now includes the ability to record the results of cases that have been matched and produce reports detailing the outcomes.  By selecting ‘Record Outcome’ on the Outcomes tab in HUB, users can input details on the status and results of a case that they have dealt with.

Specific results can be displayed by selecting a record type in ‘Filter on Case Status’ and details can then be input by selecting an individual case in the list.  Details of the accounts that are matched against that ratepayer are displayed, and the case can be updated by completing the ‘Case Status’, ‘Amount Recharged’ and ‘Recharged From’ fields, followed by ‘Update Record’.

When calculating the ‘Amount Recharged’ we advise you to include the amount to the end of the current financial year 31st March 2019 as a bill including SBRR to that date will have already been issued.

You can then monitor the outcome of SBRR matches by selecting ‘Outcome of Review’ in the Outcomes tab and producing a report.

Another benefit of using HUB to record your results is that when we report new matches to you they are easily identifiable as a ‘New Case’ in the Record Outcome screen.

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