Aspire Inspection Module

Workflow Applications for Inspections

Launched over seven years ago, Aspire is a tried and tested web-based application that enables Inspectors to schedule their visits more efficiently, based on location and urgency. 

Available as a mobile application, records can be securely accessed from any location, in the office and on the move, so the outcome of visits can be updated instantly without the need to return back to the office.

Case management
Aspire enables you to track and route cases at key points in the process and issue alerts when a specific action is required or has not been followed up.

Assisting with the issuing of completion notices, Aspire can maximise yield in this area by monitoring progress and helping serve notices more promptly and ensuring this is properly recorded and monitored.

Customisable to your unique inspection needs, you can also use sophisticated reporting tools to provide detailed analysis of all stages in the process and to help assess the performance of the team. Visit outcomes can also be captured and imported into Local Authority workflow or document management systems to evidence decisions made during inspections.

Data held in Aspire helps;

  • Forecast when new builds should reach next stage
  • Calculate the average time taken to move between stages of a build
  • Report on when completion notices should be issued
  • Monitor overdue inspections
  • Provide at a glance details of all new developments post planning approval
  • Track which properties are assigned with which exemptions


Tracking new property developments
Aspire records and monitors where new property developments are up to;-

  • Saving staff time on manually tracking progress
  • Giving managers the information they need to report on
  • Giving the finance team a better idea of when new properties are likely to come into taxation for budgeting purposes

Route optimising capabilities

Aspire also incorporates route and resource optimisation features providing Inspectors with the most efficient and fastest route to get to a property and the ability to group properties based on business rules set by the Authority. Priorities can be assigned to inspections based on aspects like visit type, length of time since the previous visit or the expected outcome from the inspection.

The addition of route optimisation functionality increases the volume of inspections that can be carried out, helps reduce fuel costs and contributes to a Councils’ corporate carbon reduction strategy.

Resource optimisation
As well as optimising routes, it can optimise resource by identifying the different skills or case knowledge required to complete an inspection and ensuring that only staff with those skills are scheduled to conduct that visit. Management teams can also apply constraints on when visits can be scheduled, for example, within defined timeslots.

It is one of the first property inspection solutions of its kind to combine route planning to get Inspectors quickly from ‘A to B’ in conjunction with achieving the optimal outcome from that visit. It not only helps increase the daily number of visits by providing optimal travel routes, but it also increases the chance of successfully conducting the inspection. It does this by analysing and assessing numerous other datasets alongside the likelihood that the customer will be at the property at the point in the day that the inspection has been scheduled for.

Safeguarding your Inspectors
Furthermore it can provide an added level of assurance when it comes to safeguarding staff that are out conducting inspections. It can be used to monitor Inspector safety, with alerts set up to be sent to relevant Managers if an Inspector does not check in by an agreed point in time. This provides peace of mind for staff and acts as an early warning system in the event that any issues occur during a visit.

Aspire provides a more efficient way to manage local properties, resources and information, leaving Authorities to focus more on revenue maximisation.

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Key Benefits

  • Reduced admin with simplified workflow – more time carrying out inspections with the ability to schedule revisits to properties at any point in the future
  • Increased mobility / flexibility – Inspectors can use iPads / tablets to complete and submit inspection forms whilst out in the field
  • Improved efficiency and revenue generation – using reports and alerts to monitor empty properties and manage inspections
  • Immediate availability of information – inspection data is available to all relevant teams in the Council within minutes of submission
  • More accurate tracking and reporting on properties – by providing on-demand access to property development data, charting timelines and progress of developments
  • More accountability and ownership – Inspectors can take charge of their own workload and planning it, and Council staff can track who is visiting which property at any given time
  • Reduced staff overheads/expenses – more focussed property visits in a concentrated area resulting in less travel expenses and improved carbon footprint
  • Compliance with audit recommendations – through more effective monitoring and management of inspections

Key Features

  • Optimised outcome-based routing – ensures Inspectors have the best route itinerary set up to facilitate more visits, in less time, covering less distance with higher chances of success
  • Skills based routing – ensures Inspectors visit those properties best suited to their skills and case knowledge
  • Real time visit data – available for all inspectors out on the road
  • Progress monitoring – identifies if inspectors are ahead or behind on suggested itineraries
  • Autonomy and flexibility – gives staff the option to postpone or reschedule visits or assign higher or lower priorities based on their case knowledge

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Aspire has ensured we can more accurately issue completion notices to the right person at the right time.

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