FUSION for Improving Performance


When it comes to managing Revenue and Benefits in a Council the ability to drive up revenues and collection rates with ever-dwindling budgets and resource is a delicate balancing act. To help achieve these objectives you are largely reliant on your people, your processes and your technology.

The good news is that with the right technology in place you can dramatically improve the performance of your people and use the outputs to redefine your processes and this is exactly what the FUSION debt analytics and reporting solution delivers. It works by consolidating data from all your different debtor systems including Council Tax, Housing Benefits Overpayments, Sundry Debt, Business Rates and more to provide you with a single view of what each citizen owes the council across all departments.

This helps you direct your teams more efficiently than ever before, for example they can proactively take targeted action against specific groups of people, they can base decisions on citizen requests for improved housing or more benefits based on the amount of outstanding debt they have and they can start profiling debt by age. This means that different collection methods can start to be applied dependent on the demographics of the citizen, increasing the likelihood of payment. For example debtors aged 18-25 may be more likely to respond to communications via text message than those aged 50+.

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Key Benefits

  • Make decisions on individual citizen cases based on amount of money owed
  • Identify trends and patterns by being able to drill down to an authority, area, debt type or individual level of debt
  • Flag issues earlier, enabling more proactive management of debt
  • Minimise resources required to collect debt and treat citizens more fairly by reducing the amount of recovery approaches, use one approach where appropriate to represent the total amount of debt owed
  • Be more flexible, with a single view of a citizens indebtedness you can provide more realistic payment options which are more likely to be met and debt can be managed in a more corporately efficient manner
  • Reduce administration, why send out five letters or make five phone calls from different departments, when it could take only one
  • Reduce recovery costs, with less administration and less resource required to collect all revenues owed by each individual

Key Features

  • FUSION can create any number of reports and can identify which of your teams are on target and which may be falling behind
  • Data is presented using digital dashboards for easy ‘at a glance’ insights
  • Data can be presented in any number of ways depending on management needs
  • FUSION can be integrated with credit checking facilities to evaluate a customers propensity to pay and help make decisions on extending credit terms
  • The solution is fully managed, hosted and supported in a secure data centre

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