Dumfries & Galloway – Aspire

Benefit Maximisation Module

Destin Solutions have developed a visit recording system which allows us to record all welfare benefit awards and outcomes. Once visits have been recorded each visiting officer has access to their own work through a ‘To Do’ list which allows them to update visit and record awards. Admin staff also have access to update records as appropriate. Destin have also included an option to record backdate amounts and any signposting we do to other organisations for clients.

The system holds all the relevant information we need to produce monthly reports, including:

  • Name and Address
  • National Insurance Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Visit
  • Date Visit completed
  • Date of Award
  • Amount of Award
  • Source of Referral

Destin provide an excellent on-going development and support service. This system has proved to be quicker and more efficient than our previous method of recording and we are continuing to build and develop the module as we go along with the help of Destin.

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