HUB UPDATE – Company Status

Company Status

Did you know that HUB matches your ratepayer data every month with information from Companies House and reports the status of those companies in the Company Status screen?

Most of your ratepayers will have a status of ‘Active’, although others may have proposals to strike off, be in liquidation or be in administration and this information may be useful to you in deciding whether to tailor or target any recovery action.

In addition, HUB also reports any ratepayers that it has not been able to match with Companies House as ‘Unknowns’.  These could occur because of a typo error in the ratepayer name or because the company has never existed or has been dissolved.

Many of these ‘Unknowns’ may require further investigation to confirm who should be liable for the business rates or to simply correct the spelling of the ratepayer’s name, which could prevent disputes in future.

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