FUSION for Debt Recovery


The effective recovery and collection of debt in your Council is essential in ensuring business can continue as usual and that there is adequate budget to meets outgoing costs and fund new initiatives. If you can understand where the quick wins for recovery are and how best to optimise recovery methods for more successful outcomes you can smash targets and help contribute to higher levels of revenue collection.

Single View of all Your Debt
The FUSION debt recovery reporting & analytics tool enables you to do exactly this. Giving you a fresh perspective, it provides you with a single view of all your debt and brings all your debt data together, quickly and accurately at the touch of a button. It achieves this by taking data sources from all your different systems including Council Tax, Benefits, Housing Rents, Parking Services, Non-Domestic Rates and more, to provide you with one view of all debt.

With this data you can run a variety of reports, for example you may want to view every individual who has racked up more than £10,000 worth of debt across multiple council departments. With this information you can proactively target those accounts and develop a more bespoke approach for dealing with recovery and allocate your resources accordingly.

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Key Benefits

  • Streamline the recovery of debt where you have a debtor with multiple areas of debt
  • Take a more proactive approach in informing debtors how much they owe and to which department
  • Re-direct your teams activity to where the bigger potential returns are
  • Get a more granular breakdown of debt owed, for more informed decision-making and resource allocation
  • Re-define the approaches you take to recovery based on debtors with debt in multiple areas
  • Quickly and accurately report back at any point in time on total debt owed by account, by department or by individual
  • Reduce the amount of effort and resource required to bring in greater sums of revenue
  • Better manage case-load by reviewing recovery activity taken and success levels at an individual account level

Key Features

  • FUSION can create any number of reports including by account and by debtor and enables users to customise their own reports and easily download and share them
  • Data is presented using digital dashboards for easy at a glance insights
  • Data can be presented in any number of ways depending on management needs
  • FUSION can be integrated with credit checking facilities to evaluate a customers propensity to pay and help make decisions on extending credit terms
  • The solution is fully managed, hosted and supported in a secure data centre

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