HUB Update – Rates Avoidance Register

The newly created Business Rates Avoidance Register is a list of companies that councils and their partners state are or may be engaged in rates avoidance.






The purpose of the register is two-fold:

  • When a council suspects that a ratepayer is attempting to avoid payment of business rates they can search the register to check whether the ratepayer has previously been registered as a potential avoider by another council or partner.  The council can then liaise with the council that has registered the ratepayer and work in partnership with them or obtain advice on how they dealt with their case.
  • The Avoidance Register will also report to a council where they have a ratepayer that is liable for business rates, but where this ratepayer has been registered as a potential rates avoider by another council or one of their partners.  To sign up for these Avoidance Register alerts please email with your name, email address and confirm the council(s) that you would like to receive alerts for.

The Avoidance Register is accessed via the main HUB homepage, with a User Guide also available detailing how to search for and register potential avoiders.

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