Vision For Reporting

Dynamic Reporting, Dashboard & Analytics

VISION is a powerful reporting tool, consolidating data from across any number of systems you require access to including Housing Benefits, Council Tax, Business Rates and more, if it has a ‘field’ you can report on it.

It can be used by numerous different departments, teams and roles within a local authority including Revenue and Benefits, Customer Services, Finance and more to drill down into the data you need to make more informed decisions on strategy and policy.

Outlined below are examples of a number of different reports you will be able to access and customise to suit your authorities unique set of requirements.

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> Get an accurate and up to date picture of your current balance at any point in time and filter in any number of ways  including; by location, range and largest debt.

> Get a handle on the Councils current liability at the touch of a button with up to date information on account movements, exemptions, discounts and current benefits being administered.

> Understand what percentage of your recovery cases are at a specific stage and which cases require reviewing before being moved onto the next stage.

> Easily conduct cost analysis and categorise by group, so you can more quickly and accurately identify where write-offs or a different approach to collection and recovery may be required.

> Easily access where changes have been made to valuations on properties and effectively track these changes to better understand the impact of these changes.

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VISION is a very good tool for data provision, data analysis and data matching.


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