Vision For Improving Performance

Management Information & Reporting Tool

Any manager operating within a Council Revenues and Benefits Unit is under pressure to hit targets whether that’s administering benefits more efficiently, reducing fraud and error or maximising collections. Quite often this is in conjunction with the need to reduce resource and cost whilst keeping teams motivated and performing well, ultimately you’re operating in a hugely challenging environment.

Increasingly Councils are looking to technology to help them balance the status quo. Using Destin’s powerful analytics and reporting tool ‘VISION’ you can take data from systems across multiple areas including Housing Benefits, Council Tax, Business Rates and more to create detailed management reports and provide key performance management insights.

VISION enables you to drill down on various areas of debt to identify who the biggest debtors are, provides you with the data to identify internal and external trends to set a balanced budget for the collection fund and helps combat fraud by flagging discrepancies in data from different systems. It allows you to focus your team efforts in those areas that sometimes fall between the gaps and where quick wins can be achieved.

Key Benefits

  • Maximise income collected by the Council by identifying the debtors propensity to pay
  • Administer benefits more efficiently and reduce fraud by getting a better handle on discrepancies across systems
  • Improve productivity by directing property inspector resources most efficiently
  • Better understand where your exemptions, discounts and benefits apply to better understand your liability
  • Allocate staff resources to the most appropriate areas and functions
  • Understand the performance levels of teams and individuals
  • Take a more proactive approach by pinpointing the data that falls between the gaps, after all systems can only automate processes so far

Key Features

  • Easy to interpret digital dashboards which can be used to track performance at department, team and individual level
  • Drill-down capability to get to the detail behind an individual customer or account
  • Any number of reports can be created and automatically exported to Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, Word and Mailmerge or as a CSV file at the touch of a button
  • Training requirements are minimal, software is intuitive and is provided as a hosted service requiring no additional hardware
  • Access to software is provided as an annual license and fully supported
  • Simple and easy to install with minimal effort

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VISION is a very good tool for data provision, data analysis and data matching.


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