Ratepayer Data Pooling Solution

Authorities could be losing out on thousands of pounds due to false claims made for small business rates relief (SBRR). With a number of businesses across England claiming SBRR on the basis that they either only use one property or have a rateable value of less than £15,000, it is imperative to verify that this information is correct.

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Historically it has been difficult to identify those businesses operating from multiple properties spread across the country because local authorities don’t have ready access to each other’s data. In response Destin Solutions have created a central database called HUB, which pools together all ratepayer data published individually by each Local Authority. HUB identifies all English Commercial properties and related information and stores it centrally with easy access through a securely hosted business intelligence portal.

A single view of the ratepayer
Local Authorities who subscribe to the HUB service will have access to unprecedented information and be able to view the following;

  • Rateable values of properties
  • Relief currently assigned to properties
  • Results of ‘company name’ matches across multiple regions and authorities
  • Flagged instances of suspected SBRR fraud requiring investigation

Using a rate-payer tagging system to identify instances of potential SBRR fraud, subscribers will be able to investigate suspect relief claims in their area as well as alert other Authorities to where fraud may be happening.

The solution will give subscribers the ability to easily load and view their own data, ensuring data is kept fresh and accurate on an ongoing basis.

With local authority budgets being continually squeezed and 100% rates retention on the horizon, every penny counts. The HUB Ratepayer data pooling solution provides a step in the right direction, ensuring Local Authorities can collect exactly what is owed and increase revenues by clamping down on false relief claims.

Key Benefits

  • Ratepayer snapshot – quickly and accurately review instances of businesses operating across multiple geographic regions
  • Fraud detection – pinpoint fraudulent and erroneous small business rates relief claims
  • Inter-Authority data sharing – proactively work with and foster relationships with other Authorities to tackle fraud collectively
  • Single view of all ratepayers –  in your Authority, consolidated in one system
  • Reduce losses to fraud – and its impact on Council income
  • SBRR audit trail – provides an audit trail ensuring accurate administration of business rates
  • Restores confidence – in the rates system, ensuring ratepayers operate on a level playing field

Key Features

  • Subscriber forum – where information can be shared amongst Authorities on suspect businesses, fraudulently claiming relief
  • Announcements – will list new product features and new subscribers as they join, so Authorities can make new contacts to compare data
  • Management Information – incorporates a reporting suite with service reports outlining amount/value of fraudulent activity detected, savings to authorities
  • Case referral system – track movements of suspected fraudulent claims, create new cases for real time alerts and updates
  • Location tracker – incorporating account and address locators, subscribers will be able to view on a map and by postcode where a single business claiming rates relief appears to be operating across multiple regions

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HUB is simple but impressive. Through a collaborative approach, the solution has been deployed across all local authorities in Kent…

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