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Debt Collection

How to effectively manage Breathing Space in your Authority

The Breathing Space (debt respite) scheme is due to come into force on May 4th 2021 with the aim of encouraging people in financial difficulty to get access to independent, professional advice as well as have a moratorium put on their debt for a limited time period. This blog looks at what Local Authorities should have in place to be able to effectively handle and process these cases. Read More...

Balancing post-lockdown enforcement with debtor vulnerabilities

A new approach to council debt collection following the onslaught of COVID-19 needs to be considered to help vulnerable and low income debtors. Council tax is a key area where people are falling into arrears, working with a number of Local Authorities and Enforcement Agencies in this area, we have a solution to help tackle the issue. Read More...

Intelligent data-driven debt collection – the future of Council recovery

Council debt collection is at an exciting new phase thanks to advancements in technology using sophisticated workflows and detailed debtor analysis to optimise the recovery path. Incorporating the ability to self-learn and proactively make adjustments to debt collection strategies based on ongoing recovery feedback metrics, Councils can optimise collections better than ever before. Read More...
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