Authorities share insights on ‘using data intelligence to tackle council debt’

With local government budgets stretched to the limit, revenue generation and collection of council debt is a top priority for most authorities. Destin Solutions are hosting an Open Day for Revenue and Benefits teams in June focussing on this very topic.

With an emphasis on how local authorities can make better use of data intelligence to tackle council debt, Preston and Lancaster Shared Service (PALSS) will be sharing their insights at the event. One of the most forward-looking authorities in this area, PALSS will highlight how they are using external data alongside internal balance and collections information to give them more insights on empty properties, council tax collections, SPD claims and local businesses.

Similarly, Wigan Council will highlight the advances they are making on how they are dealing with business rates. This is particularly topical right now with the promise of 100% rates retention and their approach focuses on delivering a single online view of business and the creation of a business hub to increase sustainability and growth for local businesses.

Legal firm Greenhalgh Kerr will also be speaking at the event talking about how they are sharing data and information with a local authority customer and data supplier in what is believed to be one of the first collaborations of its kind.

Councils are increasingly harnessing the data they have available to them to make more informed decisions about how they collect and manage debt. Similarly, there is more inter-departmental and inter-organisational data sharing going on than ever before. This event will shine a spotlight on who is doing what in this area and provide some best practice insights on how to use the wealth of data Revenue and Benefits teams have available to them in a more intelligent and holistic way.

For more details about this event being held at Knowsley Hall on June 15th check out our events page.

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