Aspire User Group launch, leads to powerful new reporting capabilities

Twenty Local Authorities are now using the Aspire property solution and following the set up of a user community earlier this year, we have been using collective feedback to help design and develop the solution to a point where it is actually helping Authorities change the way they conduct visits.

Helping meet internal SLA’s
Authorities are now able to more accurately identify where visits need to be carried out and Aspire is providing insights into how long visits are taking to be completed, which can be useful if there are internal SLA’s to be met.

Through powerful new reporting features it helps Authorities to track new developments and forecast when properties are most likely to come into rating which assists in the completion of CTB1 and rate forecasting.

Aspire is also providing Authorities with metrics on the number of visits created in a month and completed in a month and the average number of days it takes to complete a visit, providing a great tool for performance measurement.

Visits Created
A number of new reports have been created on a new platform enabling users to drill down into the detail. For example the ‘visits created’ report allows Authorities to sort visits by type so they can view all the visits pending within a specific time frame and the location of these visit types broken down by month.

Visits by User
The ‘visits by user’ report enables Authorities to look at the throughput of inspectors, so the number of visits completed by the inspector within a time frame, basically how many visits is each inspector getting through. If some Inspectors are outperforming others, Authorities can question why, what are they doing differently, what information can be shared and benchmarked to improve performance across the board.

Outcome of visits
Another important benchmark of success is the ability to analyse all visits that have taken place along with the associated outcome. It is important for an Authority to know how many visits they are getting through in a specific time period and to identify any general trends in relation to visit types.

Days to visit
The ‘days to visit’ report identifies how long it takes from raising the requirement to make the visit, for the visit to then be completed. It will help highlight those visits that are not getting done as quickly as you wanted and is a way of identifying what is happening in the system. For example are particular areas not being visited on a regular basis because the way you have set things up or are some visits taking longer because of the nature of them.

Areas by last visit
The ‘area’s by last visit’ report is a great way of identifying if you need to change your approach. Based on location it tells you when the last time a visit was made to that location. This can be cross referenced by the ‘reason for visit’, by telling you the last time you went to an area and the number of visits in that area. It can effectively identify if there are actually more outstanding visits in another area with the ‘reason for visit’ you are targeting. This report can be used to look at how quickly you are getting around an area and whether there are other areas not visited recently, that may indicate a different approach is required to scheduling your visits.

Development Properties
Keeping on top of any new property developments and corresponding site visits can be complex if you are manually tracking these visits. Our new reporting suite ensures Authorities can record the development of new properties, search for a particular development and simultaneously track hundreds of new developments. Aspire allows you to drill down into a specific site, you can search by the name or address of the development and view the status of developments and the stage they are at.

Making better decision when scheduling inspections
Thanks to the creation of our user community our customers have a voice and a mechanism for outlining what is important to them. This will ensure Aspire is developed in a way that can provide the right output of visit intelligence, ensuring Authorities can make better decisions when scheduling and carrying out Inspection activities.

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