Aspire at Serco RB Solutions

RB Solutions have introduced Destin Solutions’ ‘Aspire‘ – Time recording and Quality Checking Module into their processing centres.

The module is a fully managed, hosted and supported workflow application, which

  • Allows users to record time spent on specific tasks
  • Workflows cases for quality checking
  • Provides Management information quickly and directly from the application

Anthony Case, Operations Director at Serco RB Solutions adds:

‘The Aspire module has been developed to meet our precise requirements, which is something we’ve not had before. Since Aspire is a workflow application we had ultimate flexibility. All the reports we need are embedded in the application meaning that we don’t have to manually correlate or analyse the output’

‘The development process was quite unique in that Destin listened to our requirements and then made the system do what we wanted. The whole process of recording time and checking work is now streamlined and far more efficient overall.’

Duncan Baxter, Director of Destin Solutions, added:

‘Aspire is a flexible development platform that enables us to create workflows such as these for virtually any use. As a contractor for several Local Authorities, speed and accuracy are of paramount importance for Serco RB Solutions. The module was created to meet their quality control needs and we have added in the relevant reports and also numerous administration areas, so that the client can control the set up of the system. We are delighted to be working with Serco RB Solutions and look forward to enhancing their use of Aspire.’

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