With a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Queens University, Belfast, Nigel has a unique way of looking at the mechanics of how things actually work, identifying how processes can be simplified and applications developed to improve performance and maximise returns.

With expertise in designing and building bespoke technology solutions, Nigel helps organisations set and achieve meaningful targets to improve service by redesigning their processes and management structures and applying technology in the optimal way.

Nigel has twenty years experience working in the Local Government sector. Prior to setting up Destin Solutions he worked in large consultancy practices where he was involved in architecting and delivering pioneering PPP contracts for Local Government and leading a multi-million pound change project to deliver 20% savings in operational costs within the Financial Services sector.

Nigel brings with him a good blend of commercial and business acumen combined with technical know-how, allowing him to develop ‘fit for purpose’ applications that deliver on client needs.