Enlight online procedure manual at Eastbourne Borough Council

eastbourne logoBill McCafferty, Revenues and Benefits Manager, Eastbourne Borough Council:

‘As everyone knows revenues and benefits administration is an extremely complex area and it’s important that all the information officers need to carry out their job is instantly available to them.

All of the staff were in agreement that the one thing they desperately needed was a set of procedure notes that were easy to locate and keep up to date.

The Destin online procedure manual gives us a framework within which to deliver this vital resource. Not only do we keep our suite of procedure notes within Destin, but we are also able to maintain a library of council policies and procedures that are relevant to the officers’ roles, as well as links to external documents such as HB Direct.

The system was introduced with a minimum of fuss and we have always found the staff at Destin to be extremely helpful and very quick at turning round any changes we want to make or new procedures.

Whilst the manual is not yet complete, purely down to ourselves, the feedback from staff has been very encouraging.

If you are looking to implement an on-line manual I’d have no hesitation in recommending Destin.

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