Destin’s Procedure Manual and the IRRV’s Euclidian Online Training Programmes

Destin Solutions and the IRRV have joined forces to offer Destin’s electronic procedure manual integrated with the Euclidian online training programmes, providing customers with consistency of service, quality assurance, reduced expenses and a happier workforce .

The Online Procedure Manual works fluently with the IRRV’s Euclidian system, and together they will prove especially useful in training and informing your staff when it comes to the ESA introduction and other local policies and procedures.

Piloting both systems will be Dumfries and Galloway Council, and Ed Parkhouse, Operations Manager Revenues and Exchequer Services commented: “We currently use the Online Procedure Manual from Destin and IRRV’s Euclidian. Both are useful applications in their own right. I’m very confident that together they will enable my team to make a seamless transition into ESA.”

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