Destin Solutions & Horsfields Insolvency Webinar

DATE: Wednesday 16th December
TIME: 11.00 to 11.45am


About this webinar
Following an unsettling year for businesses and citizens alike, our latest webinar provides an update on insolvencies and how they will impact Local Authorities. Featuring guest speaker, Hemal Mistry an insolvency practitioner and Director at Horsfields, Hemal will focus on where insolvency levels currently stand and what we can expect to see in the immediate future.

Reviewing both corporate and personal insolvency levels, Hemal will outline what this means for Local Authorities and identify the powers at their disposal to try and navigate this present situation. In particular he will focus on the reintroduction of the modified Crown Preference legislation and its impact on recovery.

The session will also cover the Corporate Insolvency & Governance Act 2020 with an emphasis on the change to the options for recovery and will provide an overview of Pre Pack administration, what this procedure entails and why it is important for Local Authorities.

Another challenge facing Councils is the personal debt accumulated by many of their tax payers and the new Breathing Space scheme designed to help those in debt. Hemal will touch upon this and the implications for Local Authorities.

This session will also provide a brief overview of Destin Solutions ‘Data Services’ solution which provides a sophisticated, intelligent led approach to recovery, enabling Authorities to better understand their customer, their current situation with regards to solvency and to determine the most appropriate recovery option based on detailed data and analysis.

Why you should attend?
This webinar provides up-to-date expert advice from a leading insolvency practitioner who specialises in giving advice and technical support to Local Authorities across England and Wales. Providing a quick update on what you need to know about insolvency procedures and practices in the current climate.


*** This webinar is primarily for Revenues, Recovery, Income, Collections, Finance, Business Rates and Property staff within UK local authorities and the collections agencies who work on their behalf and Destin Solutions reserve the right to refuse registrations if necessary in order to protect commercial interests. ***


Hemal Mistry
Director & Insolvency Practitioner, Horsfields       

Hemal is a qualified insolvency practitioner and has worked in the insolvency profession since 2007. Hemal is a director at Horsfields Insolvency Practitioners based in Bury, Greater Manchester. He heads up their Local Authority Unit, providing insolvency services, insolvency procedure advice and technical support to Local Authorities across England and Wales.

His proactive and robust approach of insolvency asset realisation has meant that, in the majority of his portfolio of cases, creditors see returns on previously bad debt write offs. His insolvency practice has been heavily involved with the Local Authorities for several decades and is frequently used to represent local authorities in insolvencies.

He is a member of the IRRV, the IRRV Lancashire and Cheshire Executive Committee, the Insolvency Practitioners Association and R3.

Duncan Baxter IRRV (Hons)
Director, Destin Solutions

Duncan worked for Lancaster City Council for 16 years and held a number of positions within Revenues Services. Since then Duncan has worked as a Consultant and Project Manager for a large private sector software company. As a Founding Director of Destin Solutions, he has been involved with Business Process Re-engineering in Revenues & Benefit services, creation of Electronic Procedure Manuals, software configuration and report writing. He is a member of the Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation (IRRV), is a past president of the Lancashire & Cheshire IRRV Association and has spoken at IRRV Conferences both national and locally.