Destin Solutions announce partnership with Wilks Head & Eve

Destin Solutions are delighted to announce an exclusive agreement with valuation and business ratings experts Wilks Head & Eve (WHE). The partnership enables WHE to incorporate NEXUS, an exciting new missing property identifier tool into their Revenues Assurance ‘Rates Finder’ service.

Introducing NEXUS Professional
‘NEXUS Professional’
as it will be known, is an enhanced Valuer focussed version of the NEXUS solution launched by Destin Solutions back in February this year. The solution has already made some significant discoveries for Councils highlighting both commercial and non-domestic properties not currently listed on either the rating or banding list. Wilks Head & Eve bring with them significant expertise in valuation and business rates and by adding NEXUS Professional to the ‘Rates Finder’ service, strengthen their offering to clients whilst giving all Councils a viable alternative to similar services already established in the market.

Identifying missing domestic and commercial properties
The WHE new ‘Rates Finder’ service will not only analyse changes from residential to commercial properties, review changes between Lists, and identify changes to existing commercial properties, with the addition of ‘NEXUS Professional’ it now automates the identification of missing properties. Collectively the service will incorporate one of the largest, most comprehensive group of datasets available on the market today minimising the chance of properties being missed. It will also enable WHE to identify properties not currently paying Council Tax within a locality, providing another revenue generating opportunity for Local Authority clients.

Focused reviews of altered properties
Unlike other solutions which rely on extensive manual resource to trawl through reams of data, which can be costly, error prone and result in missed properties, the latest WHE Rate Finder service, through automation and enhanced datasets, will offer a more robust service. This approach leaves the rating professionals at WHE free to focus on more complex cases where properties may already be listed but have undergone significant change, meaning that overall Councils are spending less for a better, more all-encompassing and comprehensive service.

Aligning technology with Valuation expertise
With Destin Solutions and WHE working closely in partnership, the gap between what technology can deliver and what Valuers with decades of experience can bring to the table will be significantly reduced. The combination of technology and valuation expertise will assist the WHE professionals in improving the identification of more subtle and complex instances of underbilling in the area of business rates. With ‘NEXUS Professional’ being effectively used by professional valuations staff on behalf of Local Authority clients, the solution will be continually developed to incorporate new and improved datasets and enhance the output of matches and data it uncovers.

A full end-to-end service, competitively priced
Nigel McAvoy, Managing Director at Destin Solutions comments “this partnership is a natural fit, by automating Wilks Head & Eves’ capability to identify missing properties, they can offer greater value add for clients using their Rate Finder service. Clients will get full transparency on cases being worked, and WHE will provide a full end-to-end service applying equal time and resource on the identification of new properties as it does to analysis of those that are under-valued.”

Roger Messenger, Senior Partner at Wilks Head & Eve concludes “we are delighted to have an exclusive agreement in place to use NEXUS Professional. This solution will significantly minimise instances of false positives and thanks to automation reduce the costs traditionally associated with this type of service.”

The emergence of this new partnership agreement ensures that Local Authorities have access to a market leading solution incorporating the most advanced data analytics technology available on the market today combined with the very best professional valuation and rating expertise.

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