Ascendant Solutions and Financial Insight

Destin Solutions Limited (DSL) Statement on its Joint Venture with Ascendant Solutions Limited (ASL) 

DSL entered into a Joint Venture with Ascendant Solutions Limited on February 2017 to provide customers additional information from a network of providers in order to facilitate the collection of debt. This information includes information on both persons and companies, including the ability to pay, propensity to pay, whereabouts, holdings. The Joint Venture also provided information on the occupancy of properties to provide Empty Home and Single Person Discount reviews to Local Authorities.

Among other activities Ascendant Solutions were responsible for developing the service including establishing and developing relationships and interfaces with a network of data suppliers such as Equifax, Experian, TransUnion, CreditSafe and WhenFresh and developing algorithms to cleanse the data provided by customers.

DSL believes that Ascendant Solutions are using intellectual property from the Joint Venture without authorisation and offering services competing with or similar to that described above, as their own. This is a direct breach of covenants Ascendant Solutions entered into when the Joint Venture was formed. Parties considering whether to engage or work with Ascendant Solutions in the provision of services which fall under the scope or are substantially similar to the above should be aware that DSL reserves its right to take legal action against Ascendant Solutions at any time. In addition, we have to reserve our position in relation to third parties procuring a breach of contract.

As always, we hope legal action can be avoided and all matters resolved which is our preference, DSL has been delivering services into the Local Government sector for over 12 years without ever being embroiled in legal action with its customers, partners, suppliers or competitors.  Many of you will know Destin Solutions staff personally and will be aware that we have always acted with integrity, professionalism and honesty in everything we do.  Destin Solutions does not intend to engage in a public argument with Ascendant Solutions but thought it was important to state our position on this matter, if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

Parties considering purchasing the above services should do so directly from DSL as the Joint Venture will not be delivering any services resold by ASL until further notice. Neither DSL nor the Joint Venture will accept liability for delivering orders placed with ASL.