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Revenue & Benefits Shared Services Solutions

Shared Services Solutions

The formation of any Council Revenue & Benefits Shared Service does not come without its challenges. With huge investments made in different technology systems by each Authority within the Service, there is often reluctance to change these systems in the short term and so quite often the Shared Service will operate with Authorities still drawing information from a number of different sources and systems.

This can cause problems when trying to review and monitor the collective performance of the Shared Service in areas such as collections, overpayments and general benefits administration.

Destin Solutions can help by providing performance management, analytics and reporting tools all accessible from within a secure, single, centralised portal. It works by taking all data from any number of different sources and systems and consolidating it to provide a single view of how the Shared Service is performing to help manage the day to day operations.

How we can help Shared Revenue & Benefits Services;

  • VISION > We can provide a number of reporting services, merging all of the data from across all Authorities to highlight key performance metrics
  • Similarly, we can drill down into the performance of each service for comparison and benchmarking
  • Fusion > We can provide a single view of all your debt and related debtor data to help streamline the collections process across all Authorities
  • Enlight >  We can consolidate all your procedural documentation related to Council Tax, NNDR and Benefits in one place with centralised access for a consistent approach
  • Aspire > We can help you manage and optimise staff productivity by creating bespoke workflow applications for specific functions to help you simplify processes


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