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VISION Trace Service

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Equifax Logo RedAround £197 million of Council Tax debt has been written off in England and Wales in 2014-15, but how much could have been retrieved if Councils were able to more effectively trace debtors? Of course this is just one area of debt, Councils are also owed money in relation to parking fees, planning fees, social care costs, housing benefits overpayments and a whole host of other areas.

Where there are instances of people owing outstanding sums of money that have moved or left a property without any forwarding address, the VISION trace service can be used. It works by taking that debtor data and running it through a number of Equifax trace and reconnection processes to identify where that person is now living and can provide a whole host of other financial data. This information is then available for view in the VISION reporting tool and access can be given to the relevant parties for next best action.

The VISION Trace Service can also be used with and works alongside our ‘FUSION’ product.

  • Key Benefits

    • Reduce costs by running bulk traces on people who owe debt
    • Boost revenue streams by reducing the amount of debt write-offs in your Authority
    • Working alongside VISION, proactively target the largest debtors first
    • Differentiate between those who ‘won’t pay’ versus those who ‘can’t pay
    • Discourage future debtors from withholding their forwarding address and contact details
    • Service requires minimal input from Councils to be activated and results returned

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