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VISION Single Person Discount (SPD) Fraud Review

Powered by Equifax

Equifax Logo RedThe National Fraud Initiative report, states that there was £39 million of fraudulently or wrongly received single person discounts in England alone, in 2014. Taken as an average across all 353 English Authorities, this equates to around £110,000 worth of discounts per Council which may have be fraudulently or incorrectly claimed.

VISION’s Single Person Discount Fraud review sends the latest list of SPD claimants to Equifax where the list is processed using the latest data matching and analysis tools to highlight high risk instances where there are undisclosed occupants living at a property. This data is then accessible and available to report on in VISION and can be shared with the relevant teams to tackle fraud, update Council records and maximise revenues.

VISION’s SPD Fraud Review service can also be used with and works alongside our ‘FUSION’ product.

  • Key Benefits

    • Identify and reduce instances of fraud more quickly and cost effectively
    • Boost Council finances by reducing amount of incorrect SPD’s awarded
    • Benefit from special discounted rates for bulk SPD checks
    • Take a proactive approach to tackling fraud and build credibility with tax payers
    • Keep SPD records up to date and re-allocate team resources where they will have most impact
    • Easily view and share results with relevant teams

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