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Equifax Logo RedWorking with business insights expert, Equifax, Destin Solutions can provide a number of services which not only enables Councils to view and sort debt data based on a number of parameters but also helps boost collections, reduce effort and tackle fraud.

empty property reviewVISION Empty Property Review
Takes a Councils current empty properties list, sends it to Equifax to run through a number of checks and returns the results back into the VISION reporting tool to merge the data with other known property information.
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SPDVISION Single Person Discount (SPD) Fraud Review
Sends the latest list of SPD claimants to Equifax where the list is processed using the latest data matching and analysis tools to highlight high risk instances where there are undisclosed occupants living at a property.
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trace serviceVISION Trace Service
Takes debtor data and runs it through a number of Equifax trace and reconnection processes to identify where that person is now living alongside a whole host of other financial data.
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business rates reviewVISION Business Rates Review
Provides detailed information about a business, including when it was set up, the company number and how financially secure that business is.
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