Destin Solutions and Policy in Practice Breathing Space Webinar -
February 2021
Breathing Space - the impact on Local Authorities
DATE: Wednesday 10th February
TIME: 11.00
to 11.45am
Destin Solutions and Policy in Practice Breathing Space Webinar

About this webinar
With the Debt Respite Scheme (Breathing Space) coming into force on the 4thMay 2021, this session looks at the implications for Local Authorities in terms of understanding their responsibilities and how to go about ensuring compliance.

Featuring guest speaker, Deven Ghelani, Director and Founder of Policy in Practice – Deven worked with the Treasury in helping prepare this legislation and will summarise what Local Authorities need to know and have in place to ensure compliance.

Deven also poses the question does Breathing Space present Local Authorities with the opportunity to be more flexible or is it too little too late? Different Authorities are taking different approaches to the scheme, but one thing is clear Councils need to consider how they will go about consolidating all debt a debtor may owe across different areas and departments.

In order to tackle this, Destin Solutions will showcase their ‘single view of debt’ solution which consolidates debt across council tax, housing benefits overpayments, parking services, non-domestic rates, benefits, sundry debt and housing rent, so that an Authority knows exactly who owes what in its entirety.

This session is primarily focussed on understanding the practicalities of the Breathing Space scheme, identifying how Local Authorities need to act in the spirit of the legislation and identifies the need for Local Authorities to ensure their debt advisors are fully trained and up to speed with the requirements.

Why you should attend?
This webinar provides up-to-date advice from a leading policy practitioner on the key areas to take into consideration when preparing for the Breathing Space scheme.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • The policy background and drivers behind the creation of Breathing Space
  • Findings from data-led research showing the need for flexible collection practices by councils
  • Case studies from two councils whose early intervention helped residents tackle debt well
  • Practical considerations to ensure compliance with Breathing Space

*** This webinar is primarily for Revenues, Recovery, Income, Collections, Finance, Business Rates and Property staff within UK local authorities and the collections agencies who work on their behalf and Destin Solutions reserve the right to refuse registrations if necessary in order to protect commercial interests. ***


Deven Ghelani
Director & Founder, Policy in Practice

Deven Ghelani, is a thought leader in the area of welfare reform. He has worked on Universal Credit since its inception and has written extensively on welfare policy, government spending and employment.

Deven set up Policy in Practice, a social policy, software and consulting business that makes the welfare system easier to understand and bridges the gap between the development of policy and its implementation. Its mission is to help change people’s lives by communicating policy properly so that people can make the decisions that are right for them.

As well as policy research, Policy in Practice provides analysis, primarily for local authorities to help identify the impact of welfare reform, or develop their support schemes. It also built powerful software that helps local organisations to support customers while delivering welfare policy intent.

Duncan Baxter IRRV (Hons)
Director, Destin Solutions

Duncan worked for Lancaster City Council for 16 years and held a number of positions within Revenues Services. Since then Duncan has worked as a Consultant and Project Manager for a large private sector software company. As a Founding Director of Destin Solutions, he has been involved with Business Process Re-engineering in Revenues & Benefit services, creation of Electronic Procedure Manuals, software configuration and report writing. He is a member of the Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation (IRRV), is a past president of the Lancashire & Cheshire IRRV Association and has spoken at IRRV Conferences both national and locally.

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