Destin Solutions and ITS Training Written Interviews Webinar -
March 2021
Using written interviews to tackle Council fraud & deceit
DATE: Wednesday 3rd March
TIME: 11.00
to 11.45am
Destin Solutions and ITS Training Written Interviews Webinar

About this webinar
Whether its enforcement action, corporate investigations, or fraud in general, there are numerous circumstances where Local Authorities simply don’t need to gather evidence from a suspect in a face-to-face interview. The pandemic has somewhat accelerated this realisation, as Investigators, Enforcement Teams and Court Officers look at ways to alleviate the backlog of cases being built up and minimise contact between staff and suspects.

Featuring guest speaker, Mike Neumann, Managing Director of ITS Training who comes with significant expertise in the field of fraud prevention and detection, Mike will highlight when ‘paper interviews’ are a viable alternative, allowing for prompt case disposal. He will examine the so called ‘conduct only’ offences (where there is no requirement to prove mens rea) as well as those cases where the investigation has proved the suspect’s state of mind by alternative means.

The ability to ‘interview’ suspects in writing has multiple applications across a Council and can also be applied to areas concerning environmental health, educational welfare and civil enforcement. Whether it’s blue badge fraud, parents not getting their child to school or occupiers failing to update Councils on their circumstances, Mike will provide guidance on when and how to proceed with this type of interview, allowing you to move the case on or conclude it without the need for a physical interview, saving time and money on valuable resource.

Destin Solutions will also take the opportunity to provide a brief overview of HUB, their small business rates relief fraud solution and their fraud case management system.

Why you should attend?
This webinar provides up-to-date advice from a leading fraud practitioner on the key areas to take into consideration when undertaking to interview suspects in writing.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Understand when this sort of ‘interview’ is appropriate
  • Know what should be involved in a written communication
  • Understand what to do as a result of any response being received or not received


This webinar is not just for Council investigators and fraud practitioners – those who don’t interview suspects but who would like to demonstrate to a court that they have attempted full engagement with those they are civilly enforcing against – may find some of the principles covered very useful.

*** This webinar is primarily for Fraud teams, Enforcement Teams, Investigators, Court Officers, Revenues, Recovery, Income and Collections staff within UK local authorities and the collections agencies who work on their behalf and Destin Solutions reserve the right to refuse registrations if necessary, in order to protect commercial interests. . ***


Mike Neumann
Managing Director, ITS Training

Mike started his career working in the field of fraud prevention and detection. He has investigated a large variety of crimes at both local and national level. His experience includes organised crime, complex and high value investigations, surveillance and case management systems (including HOLMES).

In 1999 he set up ITS Training. The company provides a complete training and consultancy service (including an extensive list of qualifications) and remains the company of choice for high quality investigative training. When not working with ITS, Mike speaks on such subjects as law, psychology and communication and is a director of a number of other companies.

Duncan Baxter IRRV (Hons)
Director, Destin Solutions

Duncan worked for Lancaster City Council for 16 years and held a number of positions within Revenues Services. Since then Duncan has worked as a Consultant and Project Manager for a large private sector software company. As a Founding Director of Destin Solutions, he has been involved with Business Process Re-engineering in Revenues & Benefit services, creation of Electronic Procedure Manuals, software configuration and report writing. He is a member of the Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation (IRRV), is a past president of the Lancashire & Cheshire IRRV Association and has spoken at IRRV Conferences both national and locally.

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