LiNK use Destin’s Enlight software to help streamline shared services

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LiNK is a shared service set up four years ago to help achieve cost savings and drive efficiencies within the revenue and benefits departments in the City of Lincoln Council and North Kesteven Council. The service is delivered collectively by 95 staff from both Councils and operates across two separate sites.

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LiNK are typically dealing with some 17,500 customers who are in receipt of benefits, processing over 38,605 changes in circumstances over the course of the year and are responsible for the collection and recovery of Council Tax from over 90,000 properties. This also includes collection of Business Rates on behalf of West Lindsey Council as part of a shared services partnership.

To ensure the successful streamlining of processes and procedures when administering benefits and collecting Council Tax on behalf of all councils, LiNK chose to partner with Destin Solutions to implement their Enlight online procedural manual. Claire Moses, Revenue and Benefits Manager at LiNK comments “We are effectively running a service which operates at two different sites and with this comes challenges in communicating and dealing with different localised policies. To help us deal with these complexities and deliver a more streamlined and consistent customer service we are using Enlight to consolidate all the necessary information our teams use to get the job done.”

The Enlight procedural manual is being used by the Revenues, Council Tax, Welfare, Recovery, Customer Service and Support teams and contains a wealth of information on policies, procedures and guidelines for the efficient and standardised delivery of revenue and benefits services. Benefits Officers use it to answer customer queries on applicable amounts and entitlements, Council Tax Administration Officers use it to verify information related to summonses and Recovery Officers use it to ensure fair debt collection and recovery processes are adhered to. It is also used by the Welfare team who visit people in their homes, take phone calls or make appointments in the office to talk with customers who may have difficulty completing forms or budgeting.

The documentation on Enlight effectively means these day to day tasks are handled professionally and consistently and reduces the chances of errors being made by providing standardised guidelines on how customers should be dealt with in a number of different scenarios. Claire goes onto comment “The news and events feature within Enlight has been brilliant, with so many staff across both Councils it’s a great tool for communicating news bulletins to reinforce important messages. The search functionality also gives staff the confidence they can find the information they need quickly. We have also been using it as a tool to communicate performance by sharing known issues and issues of the month to help staff learn from common mistakes and become more self-reliant.”

LiNK understood the importance of getting buy-in from staff to ensure the product would be fully utilised and did a full roll out and launch of the product internally. As part of this process they asked staff what they felt needed to be included in the manual and how it could be best structured and ordered in a way that would make sense to them. This was an important step in getting engagement and making sure the technology added value.

Claire concludes “Enlight is a great business continuity tool, all the relevant information is where you need it to be and you are not reliant on any one individual or team for information. Overall Destin Solutions have been fantastic, whenever we have needed anything it’s there, they are quick to update the manual with any changes we need and add news bulletins and this high level of service and support has not stopped following go live. I can’t fault them, no matter how obscure the questions that arise we always get a response and things are turned around quickly.”

Online procedural manuals which consolidate regulation, policy documents, guidance manuals and more all in one place.

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