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Ascendant for Utilities – Commercial

Data & Intelligence For Debt Collection

ascendant-solutions-logo-300pxOne of the biggest ongoing challenges facing Non-Domestic Utilities firms is minimising debt and associated write-offs related to fraud, error and lack of data. In the cases where there are multiple businesses or commercial entities occupying one large property it can be difficult to recover unpaid utility bills if there are limited means by which to identify the liable party. This is proving to be a huge problem for providers of gas, electricity and water and the ability to recover debt in this area is only as good as the level of data they have access to.

This is where Ascendant can help, utilising information from a variety of different data sources, it can match property rental, leasing and purchase agreements to a businesses or commercial entity’s trading details. This provides a snapshot of Company names, associated Directors, related businesses, financial trading history and a list of known trading addresses, enabling Utilities firms to engage in more accurate back billing to secure outstanding debt.

Instances of fraud can be more easily identified where Ghost or Shell companies may have been set up with the express purpose of running up Utilities debt without the intention of ever paying. Ascendant can effectively process through a list of all Non-Domestic Utilities customer data and run extensive background checks to ascertain whether a business appears legitimate, has correctly registered its trading address and related properties and is in financially good shape.

Using intelligent algorithms for scoring and rating the health of a business, Ascendant not only helps Utilities firms identify potential risk and fraud within the businesses they supply to, it cleanses and appends data related to those accounts on an ongoing basis.

Direct debits
Ascendant can also take the data from all direct debits set up by a Utilities firm and cross reference this against their consumption rates data to then flag when payments coming in are less than the amount being consumed. This enables Utilities firms to proactively establish where a potential build-up of debt could occur. Using this information, a simple workflow can be triggered to send an email or SMS text requiring the Business customer to either change to a new tariff or increase their direct debit payments.

Ascendant helps cut through the detail, saving time and resource wasted on Utility accounts where there is no real debt and can help highlight where incorrect balances are making the portfolio unprofitable.

Providing daily updates related to specific Non-domestic accounts, Ascendant helps track;

  • Changes in property addresses and trading details
  • Changes in contact details
  • Changes in consumption requiring increased payment
  • Customers propensity to pay and previous payment history
  • Ghost or Shell companies set up to trade fraudulently
  • Businesses entering insolvency or trading insolvent while recovery action is still ongoing or the account is still live
  • Any County Court Judgements registered against a business or individual

request a demo buttonManagement Information from Ascendant is provided on a highly secure yet easy to use portal which is accessible online 24/7. The dashboard is tailored to suit the needs of the business with customised views enabling management of live data to help drive day to day decision making on back billing, direct debits, consumption rates and recovery action.

  • Key Benefits

    • Identify which organisation traded at a specific address over what period of time
    • Use data from consumption rates and direct debits to implement multi-channel contact strategies to proactively recover debt and reduce DSO (days sales outstanding) levels
    • Help recovery teams make more informed decisions
    • Adjust contact and collection strategies based on the latest customer data checks
    • Easily identify customers with poor payment history that may indicate lower propensity to pay
    • Minimise the build-up of customer debt by identifying potential defaulted accounts and loss earlier
    • Reduce staff resources spent manually investigating, collating and analysing data
  • Key Features

    • Get daily alerts identifying customers who may be at risk of late or non-payment
    • Traffic light system outlining where consumption rates are higher than payments being received
    • Implementation of workflows to automate the process of re-setting tariffs or payment amounts
    • Track staff collections and sales performance by linking them to customer accounts
    • Full reporting suite linking businesses to properties and related financial history
    • Ascendant is fully compliant with data protection legislation safeguards

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