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Ascendant for Commercial Lending

Data & Intelligence For Debt Collection

ascendant-solutions-logo-300pxDe-risk the commercial loans you provide using the Ascendant data platform. Ascendant provides detailed data and ongoing surveillance of businesses and commercial entities and the Directors associated with them to identify their health, wealth and trading status.

Using intelligent algorithms for scoring and rating the health of a business, Ascendant not only helps Commercial Lending firms identify potential risk and fraud within the businesses they loan to or are considering loaning to, it cleanses and appends data related to those accounts on an ongoing basis.

Utilising information from a variety of different data sources, this is more than just a simple credit referencing tool. It provides more than just a snapshot of a business at a single point in time, Ascendant can be configured to provide daily updates delivered to the inbox of those who need the information most.

Capturing new contact details, additional Directors, associated companies and alternative contact details, reports can be provided on businesses and the people related to them to identify trends and patterns on how businesses are changing over time.

Providing daily updates on a business’s financial activities, Ascendant helps track;

  • Growth or shrinkage of a business and related movements in staff employment
  • Rapid increases or decreases in Revenue or Profit
  • Appointment and resignation of Directors
  • Changes in trading address
  • Businesses entering insolvency or trading insolvent while recovery action is still ongoing or the account is still live
  • Ghost or Shell companies set up to trade fraudulently
  • Any County Court Judgements registered against a business or individual

request a demo buttonManagement Information from Ascendant is provided on a highly secure yet easy to use portal which is accessible online 24/7. The dashboard is tailored to suit the needs of the business with customised views enabling management of live data to help drive day to day decision making on loans, repayment plans and recovery action.

  • Key Benefits

    • Quickly ascertain eligibility and integrity of potential customers when allocating loans
    • Help collections and sales departments make more informed decisions
    • Identify trends and patterns in your customer base to help drive next best actions
    • Adjust contact and collection strategies based on the latest customer health, wealth and trading status checks
    • Easily identify businesses with a track record of missed payments, late annual returns and poor trading history
    • Minimise the build-up of customer debt by identifying potential defaulted accounts and loss earlier
    • Reduce staff resources spent manually investigating, collating and analysing data
  • Key Features

    • Get daily alerts identifying customers who may be at risk of defaulting
    • Identify potential customers with highest levels of propensity to pay using scorecard methodology
    • Use non-active trading triggers to highlight potential fraud
    • Track staff collections and sales performance by linking them to customer accounts
    • Full reporting suite linking Directorships across different businesses and related trading history
    • Risk tracking service providing a daily download of all updates associated with customer accounts
    • Ascendant is fully compliant with data protection legislation safeguards

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