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NNDR Avoidance & Collections Forums

A new approach to Avoidance & Recovery

Collection of Non Domestic Rates (NNDR) is being given a higher priority than ever before as Councils edge closer to full retention and instances of fraud and avoidance are reportedly on the increase.

With Councils often facing the same problems, sometimes from the same businesses, its time for a new approach.

NNDR Avoidance & Collections Forums
Solicitors firm Greenhalgh Kerr have started planning a series of dedicated NNDR Forums for Councils, with representatives from participating Authorities meeting at venues across the country.

Key points covered in the forums include;

  • updates from Greenhalgh Kerr on ongoing current avoidance matters
  • feedback and tips on handling some of the most common avoidance schemes
  • opportunities for individuals to discuss ‘specific problem cases’ to see if these occur in any other Authority
  • advice and assistance with any collection and insolvency related issues arising whether these relate to NNDR or Council Tax

Avoidance Register
As part of creating a new approach to tackling NNDR avoidance, Greenhalgh Kerr has teamed up with Destin Solutions to provide an online avoidance register. Based on Destin’s HUB system, the register will:

  • provide details of companies suspected of rates avoidance
  • be updated by Greenhalgh Kerr and registered Council users
  • enable councils to identify other parties dealing with the same ‘known avoiders’
  • notify users if a flagged company appears in their area
  • contain legal updates on ongoing issues

The register is free to use with access limited to registered Councils. It works on the principle that shared knowledge and co-operation can strengthen councils’ ability to combat avoidance and improve collections.

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Interested in hosting your own forum?
If you would like to host a forum at your Council Offices and are happy to invite or host colleagues from neighbouring Authorities please complete our Forum form >

Forum Review
Feedback will be taken from Forums and consideration given to any notable successes, increased collection rates and current issues, with details being included in the Destin Solutions HUB system.


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