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HUB Update – Find a Ratepayer

Find a Ratepayer

When a council receives an application for Small Business Rate Relief it is usually common practice to check your internal records to confirm that the ratepayer isn’t liable for business rates elsewhere within the council.  Some councils may take this a step further by checking Companies House records or searching Google.

However, the ‘Find a Ratepayer’ tab in HUB means that you can now undertake a nationwide check to make sure that the ratepayer isn’t liable for business rates elsewhere in England.  To do this, simply enter the name of the ratepayer in the Find a Ratepayer screen (this works best without Ltd or Limited being included), leave the ‘Enable Avoidance’ field set to Disabled and then click Apply.

HUB will then search through around 1,250,000 publicly available ratepayer records for any results.  Any matches that are returned will include details of the council and the property where the ratepayer is already liable for business rates – meaning that you are now able to verify applications for SBRR on a nationwide basis!

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