Destin Solutions and CIFAS Fraud Webinar -
June 2021
Top fraud areas impacting Revenues teams in 2021
DATE: Wednesday 23rd June
TIME: 11.00
to 11.45am
Destin Solutions and CIFAS Fraud Webinar

About this webinar
With so many Local Authorities staff being redeployed and seconded to help assist in other areas due to the COVID outbreak, tackling fraud has proven more challenging than ever. This combined with the speed at which financial measures and support packages were put in place to help support citizens and businesses during these times, presents a myriad of opportunities for Fraudsters and desperate individuals.

Our next webinar featuring guest speaker Rachael Tiffen, Director, Public Sector at CIFAS provides an update on the areas of fraud that Revenues teams need to be aware of in 2021. Taking a brief look at new areas of fraud the COVID situation has prompted as well as shining the spotlight on growing areas of well-established fraudulent practices, this session will help Fraud and Revenues teams direct their focus on the areas that need it most.

Through greater collaboration, communication and information share, patterns of fraud and patterns in cases can be found and Rachael will share some tangible examples from Kent County Council and Hertfordshire Council. ‘If fraudsters don’t respect boundaries why should we?’ is a firm belief held by Rachael and this session will look at what groups like ‘Fighting Fraud and Corruption Locally’ are doing to tackle this.

Discussing adult social care fraud, schools fraud, grants fraud and increases in council tax and business rates fraud, this session provides some insights on how best to tackle these and deploy resources in the most effective way.  

This session will also provide a brief technology overview of data matching solutions available to assist in the fight against fraud.

Why you should attend?
Featuring a leading industry expert on the latest fraudulent practices, get up to date intelligence on areas impacting revenue generation and collection and how best to tackle them.

Join this webinar to:

  • Get best practice insights into how others are tackling today’s top fraud challenges
  • Undertake horizon scanning – identifying what might be next and how to prepare
  • Understand what collaborative tools and resources are available

*** This webinar is primarily for Fraud teams, Enforcement Teams, Investigators, Court Officers, Revenues, Recovery, Income and Collections staff within UK local authorities and the collections agencies who work on their behalf and Destin Solutions reserve the right to refuse registrations if necessary, to protect commercial interests. ***


Rachael Tiffen
Director, Public Sector, CIFAS

Rachael was Head of Audit and Counter Fraud in 3 London Boroughs. At the National Fraud Authority, Home Office in 2010 as Head of Public Sector Fraud she researched and drafted the first local government counter fraud strategy Fighting Fraud Locally ( FFL) and created pilot data hubs using partnerships.

In 2013 she joined the MoD as manager of the Fraud Defence Unit.

In 2014 she created the CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre – creating qualifications and services, drafting the second FFCL Strategy for HMG . Whilst here she created a consortium of data partners leading the team to win the contract for the London Counter Fraud Hub.

Rachael is a well-known speaker and author on counter fraud and corruption, sitting on a number of industry Boards. She is the Independent Person for Standards and Ethics at the LB Tower Hamlets. In 2017 she won the Stella Walsh Award “Lifetime Achievement in Countering Fraud”. Rachael is Director of Public Sector at Cifas – the UK’s Fraud Prevention Service.

Duncan Baxter IRRV (Hons)
Director, Destin Solutions

Duncan worked for Lancaster City Council for 16 years and held a number of positions within Revenues Services. Since then Duncan has worked as a Consultant and Project Manager for a large private sector software company. As a Founding Director of Destin Solutions, he has been involved with Business Process Re-engineering in Revenues & Benefit services, creation of Electronic Procedure Manuals, software configuration and report writing. He is a member of the Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation (IRRV), is a past president of the Lancashire & Cheshire IRRV Association and has spoken at IRRV Conferences both national and locally.


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