Destin Solutions and Policy in Practice Debt Webinar -
July 2021
An Update on the UK Debt Landscape
DATE: Wednesday 28th July
TIME: 11.00
to 11.45am
Destin Solutions and Policy in Practice Debt Webinar

About this webinar
The UK debt landscape has shifted significantly in the last 12 to 18 months, resulting in a fundamental change in the type of case loads Local Authorities, Enforcement Agents and Debt Advisers are faced with.

With latest figures suggesting a 98% increase in the uptake of Universal Claimants in England and a recent study carried out by the Policy in Practice team identifying costs to administer Council Tax support schemes are on the rise, Councils are under ever more pressure to balance the needs of citizens with staffing resources and costs.

Featuring guest speaker, Zoe Charlesworth, Director of Policy and Operations this session will provide an update on the current UK debt landscape and provide some tools and techniques for Local Authorities to tackle this going forward.

Zoe will focus on the citizen perspective and with more people now claiming Universal Credit, many remain unaware that they will be likely to be eligible for Council Tax support as well. On this basis more needs to be done to educate citizens on how Local Authorities can help them financially.

Different options and vehicles are available for tackling debt within Local Authorities, with smarter debt recovery programmes including options for writing debt-off and knowing the circumstances of when it is appropriate for debts to be written off as part of an effective recovery procedure.

Destin Solutions will also showcase some of the technology solutions available to assist in the more intelligent collection of debt, designed to help bolster collection rates but only in the cases where it is most advantageous to do so.

Why you should attend?
This webinar provides up-to-date advice from a leading policy practitioner on the key areas to take into consideration when handling new claimants in the Welfare system, new debt challenges faced by Authorities and how best to tackle them.

Join this webinar to:

  • Get an update on the latest UK debt statistics
  • Access findings from data-led research on costs and uptake of Council Tax support schemes
  • Understand how to tailor recovery routes to suit individual circumstances

*** This webinar is primarily for Revenues, Recovery, Income, Collections, Finance, Business Rates and Property staff within UK local authorities and the collections agencies who work on their behalf and Destin Solutions reserve the right to refuse registrations if necessary, in order to protect commercial interests. ***


Zoe Charlesworth
Director of Policy and Operations, Policy in Practice

Zoe has worked in the field of welfare benefits for over 20 years and has a comprehensive knowledge of benefit policy and regulation. She has practical experience and policy knowledge of council tax support schemes including administrative processes, drivers of scheme design, award calculation and service delivery.

Zoe has an extensive understanding of regulation and practice of both legacy benefits and Universal Credit. She has previously been a Benefits Manager and Revenues and Benefits Manager with responsibility for council tax support and benefit delivery at three Local Authorities. She understands the business of Local Government and the role of local delivery of support through her work in Local Authorities, the Association of District Councils and the Local Government Association.

Zoe has published numerous articles on welfare benefits and has spoken extensively on the impact of Universal Credit and localised council tax support.

Duncan Baxter IRRV (Hons)
Director, Destin Solutions

Duncan worked for Lancaster City Council for 16 years and held a number of positions within Revenues Services. Since then Duncan has worked as a Consultant and Project Manager for a large private sector software company. As a Founding Director of Destin Solutions, he has been involved with Business Process Re-engineering in Revenues & Benefit services, creation of Electronic Procedure Manuals, software configuration and report writing. He is a member of the Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation (IRRV), is a past president of the Lancashire & Cheshire IRRV Association and has spoken at IRRV Conferences both national and locally.


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