Data Services for Local Authorities

A single view of data and debt

Our data services package provides Councils with a unique platform for viewing all their internal customer information alongside up-to-date external data in areas including Business Rates, Council Tax, Single Person Discounts and Empty Homes.

Furthermore by consolidating information in areas like Sundry debt, Council Tax, Housing Benefits Overpayments, Benefits, NNDR and Rent payments, we can effectively provide Authorities with a single view of all debt. By identifying who owes what, the nature of the debt and a whole range of other customer related information a variety of reports can be run helping to tailor a more bespoke approach to recovery.

Providing one single view of all debt and data from across numerous data sources and data sets, gives a Council unprecedented insight and a better understanding of what is working or needs improvement in relation to collections, revenue generation and instances of fraud and error.

Providing in-depth information and ongoing analysis of businesses and commercial entities and the Directors associated with them, the solution helps Councils identify the health, wealth and trading status of their local businesses.

Using scoring models and a traffic light alert system, the technology helps highlight where small business rates relief has been awarded and can be used to identify where secondary businesses are listed in other Counties and may be claiming relief there as well. The service enables Councils to keep on top of business rates collections and proactively tackle instances of fraud and growing debt.

Key Benefits

  • Provision of a full audit trail showing steps taken to award small business rates relief correctly
  • Identifies businesses entering insolvency, county court judgements and suspected ghost companies
  • Provides daily updates on a businesses’ financial activities – improving recovery
  • Identifies variances in credit ratings over a specific period to identify potential issues
  • Segments business history by industry type for more informed analysis and trend spotting


This solution can append existing council data to make sure the most up to date contact information is held on citizens and can help trace individuals who may have left properties with no forwarding details, so that debt can be recovered expediently.

Taking a more proactive approach to recovery, it can help pinpoint where the largest amount of debt has been accumulated or flag up repeated instances of non-payment so that problem accounts can be more readily identified and dealt with accordingly.

Key Benefits

  • Traces contact details of debtors who leave no forwarding address
  • Uses credit referencing data to help identify those who ‘can’t pay versus those who ‘won’t’ pay
  • Identifies potential payment issues earlier for a more proactive collections strategy
  • Reduces costs by running bulk traces on citizens owing debt
  • Pinpoints biggest debtors for more proactive handling of collections and recovery


This solution takes existing council data and cross references it against a series of credit referencing data and other external checks to identify instances of fraud, error or misrepresentation in SPD claims.

Using sophisticated data analysis tools and checking against a number of different parameters it can be configured to alert users where there is a high likelihood that a particular SPD claim may be incorrect or false and requires further investigation.

Key Benefits

  • Highlights instances of undisclosed occupants living at a property
  • Validates authenticity of single person discount claims
  • Checks against a number of pre-determined criteria and flags suspect claims
  • Reduce staff resources spent manually investigating, collating and analysing data
  • Information and reports can be shared securely to track performance in this area


This solution takes a council’s empty properties list and checks it against a series of external sources including land registry and property and rental agreements to identify up to date contact information on owners and renters.

Access to this information ensures appropriate tax exemptions, reliefs and discounts are reviewed for accuracy and verifies whether long term empty properties are in fact still empty.

Key Benefits

  • Identifies financial transactions which occur at properties listed as empty
  • Uses a scoring mechanism to underpin and verify the validity of external data being used
  • Provides full and up to date contact details for individuals associated with properties
  • Suite of real-time management information so Councils can track their empty homes status
  • Maximises council income and increases tax base with minimal resource required


Our data services package can be customised to suit the needs of each authority, giving Councils the option to select and view external data alongside their own inhouse data in any or all of the areas listed as required.

Data Services include a number of features including:

  • Secure web portal – merging all datasets into a single view
  • Rolling daily updates of external data supplementing in-house knowledge
  • Fully customisable reporting
  • Predictive analytics using historical data
  • Scorecard metrics identifying accounts worth further investigation
  • Alert system to flag suspect accounts more quickly
  • Digital dashboard display for easy viewing and sharing of headlines stats
  • Secure remote access – facilitates working from anywhere
  • Business intelligence – maps external data across existing customer accounts
  • Automated dynamic reporting – easily exported into CSV files

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