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What did the 2017 Business Rates Revaluation uncover?

This blog provides stats and an overview of key markets affected by the 2017 business rates revaluation and what factors have contributed to the changes in ratings, according to a spokesperson from the Valuation Office Agency. Read More...

The future of data analytics in Revenues and Benefits Teams

Learn how to use your Revenues and Benefits data as a strategic asset, from appointing the right people to harness the power of your data to using it alongside other information to understand the wider content in which you operate - this blog provides some key insights into the future of data analytics. Read More...

Five Business Rates and Council Tax reports you should run and what they reveal

Business Rates and Council Tax Reports can reveal valuable insights helping Councils to make smarter choices. This blog article highlights five reports that add value and help Councils use data in a more strategic way. Read More...
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