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Remote property inspections – a socially responsible way for councils to review properties

Our Local Authorities clients are increasingly asking us about technology solutions which help them protect staff by minimising or eliminating the requirement for them to be in the office. Our Aspire mobile property inspection solution is probably one of the best examples of this and we are seeing renewed interest in how this supports social

Finding the properties falling through the cracks when it comes to taxation

A significant number of domestic and commercial properties have never been listed on either the banding list or rating list, because Authorities are either unaware they exist or some kind of error has occurred. Outlined in our latest IRRV Insights article, we outline how Councils could be missing out on thousands of pounds worth of revenue and showcase how we are helping our clients tackle this. Read More...

Identifying homes and businesses not paying rates or council tax

Collectively business rates and council tax revenue in England and Wales accounted for approximately £57.6 billion in 2018-19. This was split across roughly 25.8 million homes and 2 million commercial premises. These figures are obviously based solely on collections made from properties that are listed on both the council tax banding list and rating list

Intelligent data-driven debt collection – the future of Council recovery

Council debt collection is at an exciting new phase thanks to advancements in technology using sophisticated workflows and detailed debtor analysis to optimise the recovery path. Incorporating the ability to self-learn and proactively make adjustments to debt collection strategies based on ongoing recovery feedback metrics, Councils can optimise collections better than ever before. Read More...

An award-winning approach to validating SBRR applications and tackling fraud

Over 60 Local Authorities have invested in a way to validate their Small Business Rates Relief applications as they come in. Using the HUB national business rates portal they can check instantly whether a company is already receiving relief elsewhere. Read More...

Identifying Business Rates fraud and avoidance to generate additional income

The identification of business rates fraud being perpetuated in small business rates relief awards is serving to generate additional income for many Councils who have now signed up to the HUB solution. Outlined in our latest IRRV Insights article, some Authorities reveal just how much additional income it is helping to generate. Read More...
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